Where to go for a first backpack trip?

When the apprehension of the unknown finally disappears and gives way to the happiness of leaving. Still need to know where to go for a first backpack trip?

Where to go for a first backpack trip?

To answer this question, I decided to give the floor to 9 travel bloggers. They agreed to share their experience in 9 different destinations. There is no doubt that you will be able to find your happiness there and perhaps even choose a destination among the following ones.


All the reasons are good to go on your first backpack trip and Nicaragua is the perfect place to do so. With fewer tourists than some of its neighbours, the climate is more relaxed and it is still possible to get away from it all without getting lost.

Public transit is easy to understand and very inexpensive, food is accessible and affordable, and accommodation options are varied (from inns to cute little guesthouses and large hotels). From endless beaches to dense tropical forests, travellers of all styles will find something to do, whether it is to surf or relax in a hammock or go kayaking. Nicaragua is a beautiful and still original destination that has not lost all its charm to mass tourism!


A first trip is a great memory. A first backpack trip is yet another emotion. If we consider backpacking as a way of adapting, making choices at the moment, finding freedom in not over-preparing a journey, a destination, keeping the possibility of changing the plan according to the circumstances, then your first backpack trip will remain engraved.

If you have a distant desire, if you want to test your limits in a nearby environment (this may be its region, its country, or a neighbouring country), then I would propose to fly directly to the end of the world: Australia.

Australia has the taste of adventure but the comfort of a country with a lifestyle close to the European model. The adventure because it is a huge country, with an incredible variety of landscapes, incredible endemic animals, desert, tropical forest, the Great Barrier Reef, the ocean populated by sharks, crocodiles and deadly jellyfish! But clearly, between the language, the large cosmopolitan and safe cities, the quality of the infrastructures, the roads, the bus network, the air links, the network of youth hostels etc… then we will find a reassuring travel comfort for the first time.

And then Australia being one of the most popular destinations, especially for young people, you will meet many people there, and you will find on the net tons of testimonies and advice of all kinds to reassure you and help you to take the step! So for the first time, it can be a good compromise: the call from the sea without being too rushed!


It’s not easy to choose your first destination for a backpack trip! A wrong choice can spoil your experience and discourage you from this mode of travel. So to avoid the haughty comments of the other accounting loser who travels with his set of 4 suitcases, do as we did when we went to Vietnam! We could get lost in the highlights of this friendly backpackers destination.

Already, housing, food and most activities are very affordable, which is important for those who travel in backpacks on a modest budget. Then, the weather is super nice for a good part of the year, which allows you to take a few things with you without having a bag that weighs twice your weight. And since all hotels offer a cheap cleaning service, you won’t waste two hours a day washing your socks in a cramped shower!

Finally, as the transport network is rather well developed (day buses, buses with beds – yes yes – and planes), Vietnam is the ideal destination to travel from one city to another quickly. So you who dream of discovering the floating markets of the Mekong Delta, the lively streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the heavenly beaches of Phu Quoc Island and Vietnamese cuisine, all you have to do is pack your backpack and take the plunge!


The first backpack trip is a stage that remains forever engraved and often leads to many other trips. Personally, mine was in Eastern Europe for 40 days.

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